‘semPlot’ is a new package that can be used for unified visualizations of SEM models. The developmental version is available on GitHub and a stable version is available at CRAN.

Important note for Mac users:

semPlot depends via qgraph on the Tcl/Tk interface. This might need to be installed via or R might crass when semPlot is loaded!

Installation under Ubuntu:

  1. Make sure to update R to the latest version, 3.0.2. Here’s how to do that.
  2. Then, manually install XML. Instructions are here.
  3. Now, install semPlot the regular way.

Thanks to Simon Hadlich for this guide!

Known issues:

  • In the CRAN release single indicators are bugged. (fixed in next version)
  • Using MplusAutomation 0.6, you need to load MplusAutomation before running semPlot with an mplus argument or you will encounter an error. (fixed in next version)

Supported packages:

Software Bridge G T S I Sy Notes
Lavaan + + + +
sem + + + +
openMx + + + - - Only path specification
Mplus MplusAutomation + + 1 2 -
LISREL lisrelToR + + 3 - lisrelToR is in beta.
Onyx XML ? ? ? - - Bridge in beta.
Amos XML ? ? ? - - Bridge in very early beta.
semSpec ? ? ? ? -


  • G: Multiple Groups
  • T: Thesholds
  • S: Standardized values
  • I: Interaction effects
  • Sy: Supported in semSyntax function


  1. Only if present in output.
  2. Mplus output does not indicate interaction effects. semPlot attempts to find these interactions by scanning provided input for the use of “XWITH”.
  3. Standardization of intercepts is not yet supported.

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