Curriculum Vitae




Bachelor of Science, Psychology Fall 2007 – Summer 2010

University of Amsterdam
Graduated: July 2010 (cum laude)
Concentration: Psychological Methods

Master of Science, Psychology Fall 2010 – Summer 2012

Two-year research master programme
University of Amsterdam
Graduated: August 2012 (cum laude)
Concentration: Psychological Methods
Minor: Computational Science


Student Assistant Winter 2009 – Summer 2012

  • Epskamp, S., Cramer, A.O.J., Waldorp, L.J., Schmittmann, V.D. and Borsboom, D. (2012) qgraph: Network Visualizations of Relationshipsin Psychometric Data. Journal of Statistical Software, 48(4), 1-18. (link)
  • Borsboom, D., Cramer, A.O.J., Schmittmann, V.D., Epskamp, S. and Waldorp L.J. (2011) The Small World of Psychopathology. PLoS ONE 6(11): e27407.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027407 (link)
  • Borsboom, D., Epskamp, S., Kievit, R.A., Cramer, A.O.J., and Schmittmann,V.D. (2011). Transdiagnostic networks. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6(6), 610-614. (link)
  • Schmittmann, V.D., Cramer, A.O.J., Waldorp, L.J., Epskamp, S., Kievit, R.A. and Borsboom, D. (2011). Deconstructing the construct: Anetwork perspective on psychological phenomena. New Ideas in Psychology. (link)

Methodological Consultant Fall 2010 – Summer 2011

  • Consulted master students working on their thesis on methodological and statistical problems


  • (Winter 2011 – Summer 2011)
  • Cito (Dutch national institute for educational measurement; Winter 2012 – Summer 2012).

Programming skills

  • Expert in the statistical programming language R
  • Proficient in the programming languages C and C++ and their integration in R
  • Familiar with SQL, PHP and MATLAB

Analytical skills

  • Mathematical statistics
  • Calculus
  • Linear algebra
  • Computational methods
  • Item response theory (IRT)
  • Structural equation modelling (SEM)
  • Multivariate analysis of variance
  • (Multi level) regression analysis
  • Bayesian inferences
  • Stochastic simulations (Monte Carlo Markov chains) such as metropolis and Gibbs samplers


  • LaTeX, Sweave and knitR
  • Experienced in teaching and presenting




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