Since 2009 I have been working on Denny Borsboom’s psychosystems project. For more information on this please visit the website:



Most of my work involves R in some way. R is an open source statistical programming language in which you are able to do pretty much everything you ever wanted to do (statistically that is). It is available from:

Some other useful links for R are:



LaTeX is a, open source typesetting system useful for writing scientific reports. A place to start is:

Personally I use the MikTeX distribution on Windows ( and the TeXlive distribution on Linux ( Some more useful links for LaTeX are:



Already mentioned several times above, is a series of question and answer sites. It can be a very useful place to start finding the answer to all of life’s problems! For a lot of detail on how these sites work see the FAQ:

The ones that I most often read are:



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