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Note: for open-access versions see the pre-print version of many of the publications below.


  • Deserno, M.K., Sachisthal, M.S.M., Epskamp, S., & Raijmakers, M.E.J. A magnifying glass for the study of coupled developmental changes: Combining Psychological Networks and Latent Growth Models. (pre-print)
  • Isvoranu, A.M., & Epskamp, S. Continuous and Ordered Categorical Data in Network Psychometrics: Which Estimation Method to Choose? Deriving Guidelines for Applied Researchers. (pre-print)
  • Burger, J., Isvoranu, A.M., Haslbeck, J.M.B., Epskamp, S., Hoekstra, R.H.A., Fried, E.I., Borsboom, D., & Blanken, T.F.  Reporting Standards for Psychological Network Analysis in Cross-sectional Data. (pre-print)
  • Van den Ende, M., Epskamp, S., Van der Maas, H.L.J., Lees, M., & Sloot, P. A review of Mathematical Modeling of Addiction Regarding both (neuro-)Psychological Processes and the Social Contagion Perspectives. (pre-print)
  • Mansueto, A.C., Wiers, R.W., van Weert, J.C.M., Schouten, B.C., & Epskamp, S. Investigating the Feasibility of Idiographic Network Models. (pre-print)
  • Epskamp, S. Isvoranu, A-M. & Cheung, W.-L. Meta-analytic Gaussian Network Aggregation. (pre-print)
  • Isvoranu, A-M., Epskamp, S., & Cheung, M. Network Models of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: A Meta-analysis. (pre-print)
  • Liu, D., Epskamp, S., Isvoranu, A-M., Chen, C., Liu, W. Network Analysis of Physical and Psychiatric Symptoms of Hospital Discharged Patients Infected with COVID-19. (pre-print)
  • Fried, E., Papanikolaou, F., & Epskamp, S. Mental Health and Social Contact During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study. (pre-print).

Main / Senior author


  • Epskamp, S. Psychometric network models from time-series and panel data. (2020) Psychometrika. (pre-printjournal)
  • Epskamp, S., Maris, G., Waldorp, L. J., & Borsboom, D. (2018). Network Psychometrics. In: Irwing, P., Hughes, D., & Booth, T. (Eds.), The Wiley Handbook of Psychometric Testing, 2 Volume Set: A Multidisciplinary Reference on Survey, Scale and Test Development. New York: Wiley. (pre-printAmazon link)
  • Epskamp, S., Rhemtulla, M.T., & Borsboom, D. Generalized Network Psychometrics: Combining Network and Latent Variable Models (2017). Psychometrika 82(4), 904-927. (linkpre-print archive linksupplementary codes)
  • Epskamp, S. (2015). semPlot: Unified visualizations of Structural Equation Models. Structural Equation Modeling. Structural Equation Modeling 22 (3): 474-483. (link)
  • Epskamp, S., Cramer, A.O.J., Waldorp, L.J., Schmittmann, V.D. and Borsboom, D. (2012) qgraph: Network Visualizations of Relationships in Psychometric Data. Journal of Statistical Software, 48(4), 1-18. (link)


  • De Ron, J., Fried, E.I. & Epskamp, S. (2019). Psychological networks in clinical populations: investigating the consequences of Berkson’s bias. Psychological Medicine. (link)
  • Epskamp, S., Waldorp, L. J., Mõttus, R., & Borsboom, D. (2018). The Gaussian Graphical Model in Cross-sectional and Time-series Data. Multivariate Behavioral Research 53(4), 453-480. (pre-printjournal)
  • Epskamp, S. & Fried, Eiko I. (2018). A Tutorial on Regularized Partial Correlation Networks. Psychological Methods (journalpre-printsupplementary materials)
  • Epskamp, S., van Borkulo, C. D., van der Veen, D. C., Servaas, M. N., Isvoranu, A. M., Riese, H. & Angelique O.J. Cramer. (2018). Personalized Network Modeling in Psychopathology: The Importance of Contemporaneous and Temporal Connections. Clinical Psychological Science 6(3), 416-427 (journalpre-printonline materials link)
  • Epskamp, S., Borsboom, D. & Fried, E.I. Estimating Psychological Networks and their Accuracy: A Tutorial Paper. (2017). Behavior Research Methods. doi:10.3758/s13428-017-0862-1 (journalpre-printsupplementary materials)

Computational / theoretical

  • Burger, J., Van der Veen, D.C., Robinaugh, D., Quax, R., Riese, H., Schoevers, R.A. & Epskamp, S. (2020). Bridging the Gap Between Complexity Science and Clinical Practice by Formalizing Idiographic Theories: A Computational Model of Functional Analysis. BMC Medicine. (linkpre-print)


  • Abacioglu, C. S., Isvoranu, A. M., Verkuyten, M., Thijs, J. & Epskamp, S. (2019). Exploring teachers’ influence on student motivation in multicultural classrooms: A comparative network analysis. Journal of School Psychology 74, 90-105. (pre-printjournal)
  • Costantini, G., Epskamp, S. (shared main authorship), Borsboom, D., Perugini, M., Mõttus, R., Waldorp, L. J., & Cramer, A. O. (2014). State of the aRt personality research: A tutorial on network analysis of personality data in R. Journal of Research in Personality. (link)

Commentary / Opinion

  • Kan, K-J., de Jonge, H., van der Maas, H.L.J., Levine, S.Z., & Epskamp, S. (2020). How to Compare Psychometric Factor and Network Models. Journal of Intelligence 8(4), 35. (link)
  • Fried, E.I., Van Borkulo, C.D. & Epskamp, S. (2020). On the Importance of Estimating Parameter Uncertainty in Network Psychometrics: A Response to Forbes et al. (2019). Multivariate Behavioral Research. (link)
  • Epskamp, S. (2019) Reproducibility and Replicability in a Fast-paced Methodological World.  Advances In Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (journalpre-print)
  • Epskamp, S., Kruis, J., & Marsman, M. (2017). Estimating psychopathological networks: be careful what you wish for. PlosOne  12(6): e0179891.  (link)
  • Epskamp, S., Fried, E. I., van Borkulo, C. D., Robinaugh, D. J.,  Marsman, M., Dalege, J., Rhemtulla, M., & Cramer, A. O. J. (2018) The Right Answer to the Wrong Question: Utility of Fixed-margin Sampling in Network Psychometrics. (pre-printjournal)


  • Haslbeck, J., Epskamp, S., Marsman, M. & Waldorp, L. (2020). Interpreting the Ising Model: The Input Matters. Multivariate Behavioral Research. (journal; pre-print)
  • Isvoranu, A. M., Guloksuz, S., Epskamp, S., van Os, J., Borsboom, D., GROUP (2019). Towards Incorporating Genetic Risk Scores into Symptom Networks of Psychosis. Psychological Medicine. (link) 
  • Dablander, F., Epskamp, S. & Haslbeck, J.M.B. (2019). Studying statistics anxiety requires sound statistics: A comment on Siew, McCartney, and Vitevitch (2019). Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 5(4), 319–323. (pre-print)
  • Bringmann, L.F., Elmer, T., Epskamp, S., Krause, R.W., Schoch, D., Wichers, M., Wigman, J.T.W. & Snippe, E. (2019). What do centrality measures measure in psychological networks? Journal of Abnormal Psychology 128(8) 892-903. (link)
  • Oreel, T.H., Borsboom, D., Epskamp, S., Hartog, I.D., Netjes, J.E., Niewekerk, P.T., Henriques, J.P.S., Scherer-Rath, M., Van Laarhoven, H.W.M. & Sprangers, M.A.G. (2019). The dynamics in health-related quality of life of patients with stable coronary artery disease were revealed: a network analysis. Journal of clinical epidemiology 107, 116-123. (link)
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  • Fried, E. I., Epskamp, S., Nesse, R.M., Tuerlinckx, F., & Borsboom, D. (in press) What are ‘good’ depression symptoms? Comparing the centrality of DSM and non-DSM symptoms of depression in a network analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders.
  • Kossakowski, J. J., Epskamp, S., Kieffer, J. M., van Borkulo, C. D., Rhemtulla, M., & Borsboom, D. (in press). The application of a network approach to health-related quality of life (HRQoL): Introducing a new method for assessing hrqol in healthy adults and cancer patient. Quality of Life Research. (DOI: 10.1007/s11136-015-1127-z)
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Unpublished reports

  • Epskamp, S. Preliminary simulations on the interpretation of cross-sectional Gaussian graphical models. (link)
  • Epskamp, S. Brief Report on Estimating Regularized Gaussian Networks from Continuous and Ordinal Data. (link)


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