Structural Equation Modeling (2020)

This website contains materials for the research master psychology courses Structural Equation Modeling 1: Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling 2: Structural Equation Modeling, which I teach at the University of Amsterdam.

SEM 1: Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Week 0 – Statistics recap

Week 1 – Common Cause modeling

Week 2 – Fitting CFA models

Special thanks to Mijke Rhemtulla for some of the slides used this week!

Week 3 – Latent growth models and measurement invariance

 Week 4 – Advanced CFA topics

SEM 2: Structural Equation Modeling

Week 1 – Expectation and covariance algebra

Week 2 – Structural Equation Modeling

Week 3 – Causality & Equivalent models

Week 4 – Network models and temporal effects

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