LaTeX workshop (2015)

LaTeX and Markdown for psychological researchers (2015)

University of Amsterdam, Tuesday January 27, 2015

Course literature: LaTeX wikibook


  • 9-10: Lecture – Part 1
  • 10-11: Practical - Part 1
  • 11-12: Lecture - Part 2
  • 12-13: Practical - Part 2
  • 13-14: Lecture - Part 3
  • 14-17: Practical – Part 3

LaTeX Distributions

I recommend the following LaTeX distributions.

Part 1: Introduction to LaTeX



Search google for a LaTeX template for writing a resume. Pick one you like and compile the template. Personalize the template so that it uses your own name and contact information. At the very least mention that you now have skills in R/presentation and LaTeX and that you did a Research Master in Psychology. You are allowed to write fictional information as well.

Compile the PDF and mail the .tex and .pdf files to me.

Part 2: Basics of writing in LaTeX



Recreate this document as closely as possible. Use this tex file to start and only edit the body. Mail the .tex and the .pdf to me. Tip: compile often!

Part 3: Writing articles in LaTeX



Replicate the following article as closely as possible. You can ignore citations and the reference list. Mail your .tex file and your .pdf file to me.

Optional: if you have time and want to try out citations and the reference list read up on how to use apacite and bibTeX on my 2011 course website and in the wikibook. Use this .bib file.

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