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PhD Dissertation

 Front Matter

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: Psychological Networks

Part I: A Practical Guide to Network Psychometrics

Chapter 2: Regularized Partial Correlation Networks

Chapter 3: Accuracy of Psychological Networks

Chapter 4: Network Estimation and Sparsity

Chapter 5: Personalized Network Modeling in Psychopathology

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  • This chapter has been adapted from: Epskamp, S., van Borkulo, C.D., van der Veen, D.C., Servaas, M.N., Isvoranu, A.M., Riese, H., and Cramer, A.O.J. Personalized Network Modeling in Psychopathology: The Importance of Contemporaneous and Temporal Connections.

Part II: Technical Advances in Network Psychometrics

Chapter 6: Discovering Psychological Dynamics

Chapter 7: Generalized Network Psychometrics

Chapter 8: The Ising Model in Psychometrics

Part III: Visualizing Psychometrics and Personality Research

Chapter 9: Network Visualizations of Relationships in Psychometric Data

Chapter 10: State of the aRt Personality Research

Chapter 11: Unied Visualizations of Structural Equation Models


Discussion: The Road Ahead



Contributed Work

Nederlandse Samenvatting (Dutch summary)

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Acknowledgements / Dankwoord

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