Music player in R (Linux)

Yesterday I found out about ‘mplayer’, which is a movie/music player for Unix that can be completely controlled from the terminal ( I started playing around with it while at the same time learning reference classes. The result, a music player in R!


It is very basic and abit buggy (mainly in displaying unwanted warning messages) but does seem to work. The code above (requires tcltk package) gives the reference class “playlist”. First we create a new empty playlist:

pl <- playlist$new()

Next we fill the playlist by manually adding music files:


or by importing all music files in a folder (recursively):


Both open a gui window by default, but can be supplied a character with the locations as well.

Now we can shuffle the playlist if we want:


Finally, start playing:


And if we don't want to listen anymore:


Furthermore 'pause' can be used to pause playing, 'skip' to skip a song, 'step' to skip multiple songs and 'previous' to go back a song.

I have only tested this on a Linux computer (Ubuntu 11.10).

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4 Responses to Music player in R (Linux)

  1. Adriana says:

    thanks for share!

  2. Please do John a favour and call them Reference Classes, not R5. That was once a bad inside joke which we have been trying to purge.

  3. sachaepskamp says:


  4. Ethan Brown says:

    Cool! Look forward to playing with this. Nice to see someone else messing around with sound in R :)

    Don’t forget with mplayer you can play movies, too!